Fitness for Parents

Stay fit the easy way

Especially for parents, there often isn't enough time to go to the gym and spend several hours there. On the other hand, working and having a newborn can be very exhausting if you don't at least try to do some workout at home. Here are a few suggestions how you can stay fit in a fast, easy and affordable ways:

Get a jogging stroller

Jogging strollers are an excellent way to combine fitness and the usual walk in the park with your baby. Why not jogging instead of walking. Even for twins there are double jogging strollers available. Thanks to the light weight and quality wheels you are free to do some jogging whenever you want and even 10 or 20 minutes make a huge difference to your fitness.

Go swimming

Swimming is very effective training, it's cheap and there is almost always a place nearby where you can swim. Don't be scared of those extra baby pounds on your hips, there is alot of very beautiful plus size swimwear today. You can start slowly and swimming is great to burn a few calories here and there.

Get a home trainer

It's perfect for a workout in the comfort of your own home. Elliptical trainers are most effective, pretty much a full body workout and excellent for your health. Same as for swimming or jogging: Start with a few minutes daily and you'll feel alot better.

No matter what you do to stay fit, it will help you alot to manage your job and be able to compensate all those long nights without much sleep.